Lone Pine Sanctuary Brisbane

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What a wonderful place to spend the day..



Take a cruise boat from Brisbane…..Mirramar Cruises 


Daily cruises to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Mirimar Day Cruises
“Relaxing cruise to Koala Sanctuary”5 December 2013 – A TripAdvisor TravellerRead 51 reviews of Mirimar Day Cruises

This popular Brisbane river cruise has been taking locals and visitors to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary for over 70 years and is a “must do” experience while in Brisbane. Our Koala and River Cruise is the PERFECT way to get up close and personal with Australia’s cuddliest creatures while enjoying the sights and sounds of Brisbane’s most attractive waterfront suburbs, ONLY accessible by boat.

Here’s what to expect on your Koala and River Cruise…

  • Convenient departure point — right in the heart of the city!
  • Ultra modern cruise boat complete with onboard catering.
  • An entertaining narrated journey — the Captain will AMAZE you with his intimate…

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Neil Turner Weir Queensland

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26°28′17″S147°57′31.2″EA fantastic place for a quiet rest and relaxation with great camping spots

A beautiful day

Neil Turner Weir is a small weir located on the northern side of the town of Mitchell, in Queensland, Australia. The weir holds back the waters of the Maranoa River. A campsite exists, with free toilet facilities. To the west, on the banks of the river held back by the weir, is a fishing spot known as Fisherman’s Rest.

a cold morning

The weir was built in 1984 and is made of concrete and filled with sand.[1] The capacity of the Neil Turner Weir is 2,000 ML.[2]


calm watersDSC00035ducksfrost on the grassfrostfrosty morning on the weirfrosty shoresgrounds of the weirMy camping spot by the waterreflections


The weir supplies water to the town of Mitchell, is used for irrigation and regulates streamflow.

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Great Wall Of China …Chinglish… Ebooks By Marguerite Carstairs


Sunrise at Wu Tai Shan




Mansjuri Temple

Temple Mansujurie

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Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

What textbook do I need?

White, R. and Perrone, S. (2010) Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

Cost is $90 and I don’t have that….


White & Perrone (set textbook) pp.277-285;


Supplementary reading:


Bryett, K., Craswell, E., Harrison, A. & Shaw, J. (1993).The Australian criminal justice system. In An introduction to policing : Vol. 1: Criminal justice in Australia, (pp. 1-7). Sydney: Butterworths.


Bryett, K., Craswell, E., Harrison, A. & Shaw, J. (1993). Formal and informal methods of social control, In An introduction to policing : Vol. 1: Criminal justice in Australia, (pp. 8-14). Sydney: Butterworths. (Electronic copy provided on course website)


Daly, K. (2006) Aims of the criminal justice system. In A. Goldsmith, M. Israel, & K. Daly (Eds.) Crime and Justice: A Guide to Criminology (3rd ed.), (Chapter 13, pp 265-282). Sydney: Lawbook Co. (Electronic copy provided on course website)


Earle, K., Sarre, R., & Tomaino, J. (1999). Introduction : the criminal justice process. In R. Sarre & J. Tomaino (Eds.) Exploring criminal justice : contemporary Australian themes, (Chapter 1, pp 1-21). Adelaide: South Australian Institute of Justice Studies. (Electronic copy provided on course website)

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Introduction to Criminal Justice…..


Virtual Criminal Justice System…explore the courts and cases and wander through the world of Criminal Justice.

Why do some people break laws?  Why do most people behave?  Theories of crime help us to answer these questions.  Some theories locate the causes of crime in broader social structures (the economy, family breakdown, unemployment).  Other theories draw our attention to biological and developmental causes, as well as the situational aspects of crime causation and prevention.  And still other theories look at how social norms and values (social rules) guide and influence both criminal and conforming behaviour.

Police forces were established in the Australian colonies in the nineteenth century. They were largely based on the English model, although the colonial context obviously determined some special roles (for example, the policing of frontiers, and the employment of ‘native police’ – often to violently ‘police’ other indigenous people). From Federation in 1901, the Commonwealth government has increasingly moved into the area of law enforcement – as it has into other areas that remain ostensibly State responsibilities under the constitution.Considerable debate has focused on the roles of police and methods of policing.

Police are responsible for a host of duties from traffic control, through public order maintenance, to the investigation of criminal offenses.

One aspect of the ‘professionalization’ of policing has been the attempt to divest them of marginal/non-policing work, but it remains difficult to identify clearly the ‘proper’ work of police.Other aspects of professionalization include the increasing level of educational attainment required of recruits, and the increasing recruitment of women officers.Nevertheless, policing is an area that places particular tensions and competing demands on personnel.

There are around 45,000 sworn police officers in Australia, with just over 57,000 civilian personnel. Based on national performance indicators, public satisfaction with police performance has been steadily increasing over the past decade. Police have the support of the public, although police themselves often express doubts about this. Eighty percent of persons (18 years or over) surveyed in 2000 agreed that the police do their job professionally, while 81 percent were satisfied with the service they received during their most recent contact with the police.Beyond the individual State police services, the Australian Federal Police enforce Commonwealth laws. The National Crime Authority is a standing justice commission with a national mandate, while other crime commissions (such as the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission) have ‘super’ powers to investigate crime at the State level (including the investigation of police corruption). The many regulatory agencies also have investigatory and law enforcement powers – particularly in the area of white collar crime.

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You can travel to Lamb Island using the Ferry from Stradbroke island ferries


Phone 07 3488 5300

Here is the ferry arriving at Lamb island.

The ferries travel every half in busy times and a bit longer during lesser busy times to the islands of Russell, Macleay, Karrigarri and Lamb Island

It is a beautiful ride to the islands over blue water and beautiful scenery of islands in the sun.

When the weather is colder, and in the evenings, it gets very cold waiting for the ferry so make sure you rug up well.. a warm scarf and jacket and boots

You can also get a vehicle barge and take your car. This costs $87 return for residents and double that for non residents making it a very expensive ride. Many people who live on the island have 2 cars and park one at Redland Bay or the mainland, or…

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Designing Covers for Books, Music, Movies, Blogs, or Websites

Many people buy products based on the cover,

When you see the cover you decide whether you want to see further or not.

Give examples of books you have purchased or read simply because of the Cover


Which book would you select by simply looking at the Cover?



Our last post on 40 (Really) Creative examples of Facebook Timeline Covers gathered a lot of feedback and comments from our readers.
Try this link

Which Facebook  Timeline Photo do you like?

Why does it appeal?

Which Films have to watched because of the Image?

Has that film been as portrayed on the cover?

Discuss Music…CDs and DVDs


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